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Dish of the Week: Venison mixed grill

Dish of the Week: Venison mixed grill

Chef Chris Shepherd marinates leg of venison and pork shoulder overnight in amber beer with salt, pepper and crushed chile. He grinds the meat and mixes two parts venison to one part pork. He adds an egg, some cream, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. He shapes that into patties, tops them with blue cheese, wraps them in caul fat and roasts them.

He makes a panna cotta of pumpkin with baking spices, gelatin and milk, which he places by a seared venison chop. He roasts unmarinated venison leg and serves a slice of that, topped with Malden sea salt, over diced pumpkin cooked risotto-style with hen-of-the-woods mushrooms. He garnishes the plate with a salted caramel sauce and red-wine demi glace.

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