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Dish of the Week: Crispy almond roll

Dish of the Week: Crispy almond roll

Sushi chef Don Pham seasons tuna loin with sea salt and black pepper and lets it sit for about 15 minutes to cure slightly. Then he puts sliced avocado on top of the loin and wraps them together in nori seaweed. He dips the roll in tempura batter, sprinkles it with almonds and black and white sesame seeds and deep-fries it at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 seconds, just to crisp the outside.

He slices it and garnishes the dish with two sauces: mayonnaise with jalapeño, tobiko, salt, pepper, olive oil and sour cream as well as a bonito stock reduction flavored with saké, mirin, sugar and soy sauce.

TAGS: Food Trends
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