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DISH OF THE WEEK: Cherry bacon and duck tamales

DISH OF THE WEEK: Cherry bacon and duck tamales

Chef-owner Jon Young poaches duck legs for 40-60 minutes in chicken stock. He cools them, pulls the meat off and mixes it with cooked cherry bacon.

He mixes equal parts of rendered fat from the bacon and corn oil. He adds garlic, cumin, dark chili powder, black pepper and salt and warms the mixture. He pours that over the duck.

He mixes masa with sea salt, ground cumin, dark chili powder, paprika and garlic powder. He adds corn oil and slowly works in the broth he used to cooked the duck until the mixture is spreadable.

He spreads the masa onto two-thirds of softened corn husks and evenly covers it with the duck mixture. He rolls them and then steams them for about an hour, until the masa is just firm. He serves them with blanched chives and a relish of ancho peppers, sweet cherries, carrots, corn, scallions and vegetable oil.

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