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Denny’s offers more alternatives to ‘fake’ QSR breakfasts

SPARTANBURG S.C. After breaking a new ad campaign that blasts quick-service breakfasts as “fake,” Denny’s is rolling out what it’s touting as three “real” breakfasts, each priced at $5.99.

Available through March, the new choices also are available in an expanded version for $1 more.

For instance, the $5.99 Three Meat Breakfast includes a strip of bacon, a sausage link, a slice of ham, two eggs cooked to order and two buttermilk pancakes. For a dollar more, patrons can add another bacon strip, a second sausage link and hash browns.

ABuild Your Own Omelette dish consists of a two-egg omelet made to the customer's specifications. For $5.99, customers can choose two of eight ingredients, including bacon, ham or sausage. For $6.99, they can choose four ingredients. Both versions are topped with cheese and served with hash browns and bread.

Fruity French Toast is based on Denny’s style of French toast: brioche dipped in a batter flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. The toast is topped with a cinnamon-apple, cherry or strawberry topping, and is served with two bacon strips and two sausage links. For another dollar, guests can add hash browns and two eggs.

The introduction of the limited-time offer follows last month’s debut of the family chain’s “Don’t Fall for Fake” ad campaign. The ads take a slap at quick-service breakfasts while positioning Denny’s as the king of the breakfast table.

The 1,500-unit Denny’s has boosted its breakfast-marketing in the past two years to blunt the encroachment of the major quick-service chains, many of which have targeted the morning meal as an opportunity for significant sales growth.

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