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Culver's now 100% trans-fat free

PRAIRIE DU SAC Wis. The Culver's Frozen Custard and Butterburger chain has met its previously announced March 1 target for eliminating artificial trans fats from its cooking oils and salad dressings

The 350-unit quick-service chain also has unveiled an online nutrition choice calculator that guests may use to check nutritional specifications of menu items. A brochure featuring the calculator is available at the restaurants.

The regional chain spent two years switching to a trans-fat free canola oil. Franchisor Culver Franchise Systems has noted that its Bleu cheese salad dressing contains one gram per serving of naturally occurring trans fats.

The chain is the latest of several that have either switched to trans-fat-free oils or are in the process of doing so. Scientists have blamed trans fats for clogging arteries and contributing to heart disease.

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