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Chefs: Customers concerned about Gulf seafood safety

Customers are expressing caution and concern about the safety of the Gulf of Mexico seafood, according to chefs who attended the 14th annual Florida Scallop and Music Festival Aug. 6-8 in Port St. Joe, Fla. They said patrons were asking questions and relying on chefs and operators to help them make decisions.

Among those interviewed were: Jim Shirley, chef and co-owner of the Great Southern Restaurant Group Inc. of Pensacola, Fla.; Patti Blaylock, owner of the Sunset Coastal Grill in Port St. Joe, Fla.; Louis Osteen of Watermark Restaurant and The Blind Pig No. 55 in Nashville, Tenn.; Martha Foose, pastry chef and author of “Screen Doors and Sweet Tea”; Todd Richards, chef at Rolling Bones Premium Pit BBQ in Atlanta; and Jason Alley, chef at Comfort Restaurant in Richmond, Va.

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