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Carl’s Jr. rolls Mexican breakfast burrito

Carl’s Jr. rolls Mexican breakfast burrito

CARPINTERIA Calif. Carl’s Jr. is expanding its breakfast lineup with a new Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Burrito.

Aportable takeoff on a traditional Mexican breakfast, the new burrito features refried beans, scrambled eggs, jack and cheddar cheeses, Ranchero sauce, and crunchy corn tortilla strips wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. The burrito will sell for $2.39 or for $3.99 as part of a breakfast combo.

The introduction comes as McDonald's is also touting a new breakfast burrito, the McSkillet Burrito, priced at $2.49.

According to the Carl's Jr. website, the regional chain also offers a Steak & Egg Burrito, a Loaded Breakfast Burrito and a Bacon & Egg Burrito.

Hardee's, Carl's Jr.'s sister restaurant, also recently rolled out a new burrito, a hefty Country Breakfast Burrito.

Hardee's and Carl's Jr. are both divisions of CKE Restaurants Inc., based here.

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