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Caribbean Sun

Caribbean Sun


The Caribbean Sun, made with freshly juiced carrots and cantaloupe and sprinkled with cayenne pepper, is one of the many liquid offerings at the two-unit Juicy Lucy in New York.

Juicy Lucy features several fresh juice concoctions in Chico (10 oz.), Grande (16 oz.) and Super Grande (20 oz.) sizes, at $2.99, $3.99 and $4.99, respectively. Guests also can mix and match what juices they want with up to three different ingredients; any additional ingredients cost an additional 25 cents per ingredient.

Juicy Lucy also features a “To your health” section on the menu, with concoctions like Misaela's Special Green Juice, made with green apple, ginger, lemon, a hint of pineapple and a mixture of greens that include kale and celery. Smoothies are another option, with flavors like Double Banana Chai made with whole or soy milk, honey and ice. Smoothies also can be made with apple cider for an additional 50 cents, as well as add-ons like spirulina, bee pollen and peanut butter.

For guests who want a caffeine boost, Juicy Lucy also serves a long list of coffees, both hot and cold, including the Cuban-style cortadito and café con leche.

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