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Burger King tries mini-burgers on for size

MIAMI Burger King Corp. has debuted two conjoined mini-burgers, billed as a limited-time offer, in at least one New York City store and in Southern New England after the elf-sized product has shown success abroad.

At least one Burger King unit in Manhattan has been offering the BK Burger Shots, two broiled mini-burgers for $1.49, which are also available in six-sandwich packs. The breadth of the LTO, which has been available since mid-year in some markets, could not be determined, but a unit in Dallas was not offering the item.

Miami-based Burger King remains tight-lipped on a U.S. introduction of the product, but company officials had said in January that a U.S. test was underway. A report Monday on the website Al Bawaba, based in Dubai, said Burger King units throughout the United Arab Emirates were launching “Burger Buddies,” a six-pack of conjoined mini-burgers.

“We are coming out with something similar in the U.S,” said Denise T. Wilson, a senior communications analyst for Burger King. But Erica Sarakaitis in Burger King’s marketing department declined to comment on the Burger Buddies’ U.S. debut. “At this point I don’t have any additional information to share on U.S. launch, but will let you know as we have information to share,” Sarakaitis said.

The UAE six-pack version was being sold in a single package that contained three pairs of the little burgers.

Yasser Abdel Assim, director of marketing and business development for First Food Services LLC, the Burger King franchisee in the UAE, was quoted by Al Bawaba as saying: “Burger Buddies are based on an innovative culinary approach where juicy beef patties are served on fresh buns joined together so customers can tear off portions and share an exciting, delicious meal.” First Food recently opened its 200th Burger King at the Dubai International Airport Terminal 3A.

Burger King introduced a similar product in Britain last May when it rolled out the Angus 6 Pack. The product has also been sold in Spain and Germany.

In the 1980s, Burger King introduced miniature burgers called Burger Bundles. That product was discontinued and resurrected as the Burger Buddy, but the small patties reportedly often slipped through the production broiler. The product was discontinued.

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