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Bruegger's deals with MegaPath for networking services


BURLINGTON Vt. Bruegger's Bagel Bakery chain operator and franchisor Bruegger's Enterprises based here said it has standardized the system on the Internet Protocol and virtual private network services of MegaPath to enhance point-of-sale and polling applications and bring wireless Internet access to customers.

"By standardizing on MegaPath to support all of our Internet access and Wide Area Networking requirements, we are not only increasing the performance for our 250 restaurants and 12 offices, manufacturing and distribution locations, but we have also significantly decreased overhead of supporting all of these locations," Bruegger's director of information technology Chris North said. "MegaPath's fully managed communication services enable us increase the productivity of our employees and the accuracy of our reporting, while reducing support overhead."

Costa Mesa, Calif.-based MegaPath said Bruegger's is leveraging the network services to deploy a new POS system supporting real-time credit card processing for faster transactions and improved security. The vendor said the new network has grown the percentage of Bruegger's restaurants successfully reporting nightly from 95 percent to nearly 100 percent and reduced the lag time between restaurant supply ordering and delivery. 

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