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BK: 2 premium Steakhouse Burgers are permanent offerings

BK: 2 premium Steakhouse Burgers are permanent offerings

MIAMI Burger King on Monday launched two Angus beef sandwiches with "steakhouse-quality" toppings on cornmeal-dusted buns as permanent menu additions.

The Steakhouse Burger and the Loaded Steakhouse Burger, which sell for a suggested $3.79 and $4.19, respectively, come with two slices of American cheese, A.1.-brand Thick & Hearty steak sauce and crispy onions.

The Loaded version has crisp bacon and creamy baked potato topping in place of the basic version's tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise.

The items "offer the indulgence of an entire steak dinner at a fraction of the cost," said Russ Klein, BK's president for global marketing, strategy and innovation. "The patty is so big, it peeks out from under the bun."

Burger King, based here, has more than 11,300 units worldwide.

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