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Benihana finishes rollout of new menu

MIAMI Benihana Inc. has introduced a new menu to all 64 of its corporate restaurants and upgraded meat, fish and salad offerings, the company said Friday.

The plan to add new items and improve offerings, including new sake-based cocktails, was part of a branding effort to improve guest perceptions of the dining experience, and to build traffic at the company’s teppanyaki restaurants and the 22 franchised locations. Benihana Inc. also operates nine Haru and 25 RA Sushi Bar restaurants.

Among the new items at the flagship chain are a 12-ounce steak, hibachi lemon chicken and what it calls an “Emperor’s Salad” that carries a choice of shrimp, steak or chicken. Other new items are a spicy tofu steak, colossal mango shrimp, and teppanyaki-steamed vegetables called Garden Delight.

Aspicy seafood soup has been added to the menu, too.

For dessert, the company has introduced Yummi-Taki, a combination of orange sorbet, fresh fruit and cheesecake tempura bites.

Prices of the new dishes were not available at press time. In August, Benihana has said the new dishes and upgrades would be made without an increase to entrée prices.

Benihana also noted that it improved the quality of some of its items, upgrading its beef tenderloin to USDA Choice, changing the specs for its cold water lobster tails and scallops, and increasing the size of the shrimp it buys for its entrées.

It also has upgraded its salads to include Romaine and iceberg lettuce and grape tomatoes.

Benihana also has added more sake, including a hot sake menu, and upgraded its cocktail and wine lists.

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