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BBI inks Dixie Cream franchise deal for Middle East

Franchisee to open stores in Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Syria and the UAE

Beautiful Brands International announced Monday an agreement to franchise Dixie Cream Donut Co. restaurants in Iraq and several other Middle East nations.

BBI’s agreement with Emirates Associated Business Group, an investment group based in Abu Dhabi, calls for nearly 100 Dixie Cream Donut Co. restaurants in the nations of Iraq, Jordan, Qatar, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. The first store is expected to open in June.

The deal will make Dixie Cream Donut one of few U.S. restaurant brands to enter Iraq outside of American military bases. Subway has nine restaurants in the country.

“This development deal marks a huge milestone for BBI internationally," said David Rutkauskas, president and chief executive of BBI, which is based in Tulsa, Okla. “Our growth strategy puts the Middle East at the center of our overseas expansion and will open new opportunities for BBI to grow and develop.”

In addition, BBI said EABG has plans to develop the other brands it markets, including Camille's Sidewalk Cafe, Rex's Chicken and FreshBerry, further in the Middle East. Anwar Badwan, an EABG spokesman, said the Dixie Cream deal “is just the beginning of what the EABG wants to do in this part of the world.”

BBI has marketed Dixie Cream Donut Co., owned by Daylight Donut Flour Co. of Tulsa, Okla., since 2009. Dixie Cream was founded in 1929.

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