The Signature Burger from Season39s 52 blends ground Angus beef with a mushroom duxelles

The Signature Burger from Season's 52 blends ground Angus beef with a mushroom duxelles.

'Blended' burgers take off

Operators combine chopped mushrooms, meat to prepare more nutritious, flavorful burgers. Brought to you by TABASCO® Foodservice.

As fresh mushrooms continue to pop up on menus across the country, chefs and restaurateurs are finding that blending them with ground meat presents entirely new culinary possibilities for the earthy tasting fungus.

Menumakers say the mushroom's ability to combine with chopped proteins like beef or turkey can create burgers that are more flavorful, moister, more nutritious and have a better texture.

The trend toward combining mushrooms and ground meat has spread rapidly amo

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