Los Angeles restaurant Crossroads serves fried hearts of palm a vegan take on fried calamari

Los Angeles restaurant Crossroads serves fried hearts of palm, a vegan take on fried calamari.

Restaurants fry vegetables, seafood to please diners' palates

Items such as Brussels sprouts, oysters, pickles, squid and octopus may be gaining wider appeal after hitting the fryer.

Some once unpopular foods are making it onto trend lists these days. Brussels sprouts and oysters have become the darlings of food hipsters, and formerly polarizing items, like pickles, squid and octopus, are gaining wider appeal.

That might be because consumers are heeding nutritionists’ calls to eat more vegetables and seafood, but it also might be because chefs are making them more palatable by deep-frying them.

“It’s a good way to get people who d

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