altrabira city tavern salmon pastrami Altabira City Tavern
Altabira City Tavern serves salmon pastrami topped salad with a mustard-caper vinaigrette.

Seafood takes inspiration from charcuterie

Chefs’ creations evolve from salmon pastrami to octopus torchon and tuna 'nduja

When David Burke invented salmon pastrami in 1988, the then-up-and-coming chef was just looking to create an American version of gravlax, not start a seafood movement.

But nearly three decades later, his inventive, smoked twist on salmon has not only endured, but also spawned a broader trend of seafood charcuterie, or “seacuterie,” on restaurant menus.

“It was something that was very ahead of its time,” Burke said. “I’m happy it has lasted.&

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