Study: Full-service managers boast best pay among franchises

ARLINGTON Va. Full-service restaurants have the highest average base pay among franchised companies across multiple industries, according to a report released Monday by FRANdata, an independent research company here that tracks the franchise industry.

The average base pay for upper-level managers in full-service restaurant concepts run by franchisees was $119,393, followed by an average of $90,850 for those in business services franchises. The average base pay was $83,333 among fast-food franchisees. The lowest average base pay was in retail products and services at $57,700.

The 91-page Franchise Compensation Report is a first for FRANdata and comes at a time when many franchisees are re-examining their budgets, said FRANdata chief executive Darrell Johnson.

“With HR being one of the most significant expense items for a company, it only makes sense to review salary along with all other areas of the budget,” Johnson said.

The survey is a based on 114 responses from franchise operators. The companies replied to questions about 14 different jobs in their organizations, including managers who were heads of legal service, field operations, marking, training and site selection.

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