Starbucks releases full list of store closures

SEATTLE Starbucks Corp. on Thursday posted the full list of about 600 company-operated stores in 45 states scheduled to close beginning this month through next March.

The first phase of the closures was announced earlier this week, but Starbucks officials provided the full list “in the spirit of transparency with our partners, customers and communities.” Employees of the stores have been notified, officials said.

The largest number of closures — almost 100 — will be in California, a state that has been hardest hit by the housing crisis and a region where Starbucks officials have said traffic has slowed in recent months. The full list can be found here [2].

Starbucks announced at the beginning of the month that it planned to close 600 company stores and cut back on new store openings as part of its effort to turn around the struggling coffeehouse brand.