Golden Corral: Tech bolsters data value


RALEIGH N.C. Officials of the 482-unit Golden Corral buffet-restaurant chain, based here, said they are successfully leveraging systemwide quality assurance, food safety and operational standards initiatives using audit-support and analytical tools from software and services supplier Steton.

"Post-evaluation results that previously took over a week to receive are now delivered electronically immediately after evaluations are completed," said Bob McDevitt, senior vice president of franchising for Golden Corral franchisor Investors Management Corp. "However, the primary reason for implementing Steton wasn't the speed of communication; it was the ability to analyze data and generate usable information or intelligence identifying areas where the concept needs to improve."

Steton said the company's software accelerates audit routines through automation and elimination of paper processes that is achieved, in part, by entering audit findings directly into computing devices that transfer information to a centralize database via wireless or conventional networks. The St. George-Utah-based company said its application also supports early trend identification, provides instant notification to appropriate parties in cases of non-compliance with system standards or practices and helps manage corrective actions, among other functions.