Wendy's units to wig out in promotion

DUBLIN Ohio The Wendy’s "red wig" TV spots have become so popular that the chain is making the wigs available to the chain's 6,015 domestic units for use in promotions.

Restaurant teams and field personnel will be able to order wigs to use at “appropriate special events or in connection with store activities,” a spokesman said, but they will not be sent automatically to each store.

The units also are displaying wig decals on their doors and a cardboard placard with a hole cut underneath a red wig, enabling customers to stick their heads in and have photos taken of what they would look like if they were wearing the wig.

Through December, customers also can download cell phone ring tones with the “hot juicy burger” chant from the commercials and a sizzle sound.

The red wig also will be featured in an online promotion that will break in October, the spokesman said.

The chain has credited the red-wig spots, created by Saatchi & Saatchi of New York, with helping to successfully launch its new Baconator sandwich.