SpeedLine meets phone lines for Boston Pizza


RICHMOND British Columbia Boston Pizza International based here has selected for its Edmonton-area call center software from point-of-sale-system and other technology provider SpeedLine Solutions Inc. of Vancouver, B.C., and Lynden, Wash.

BPI, with 265 casual-dining restaurants in Canada, is transitioning from a UNIX-based call-center system described by company officials as "archaic" and growth inhibiting. The Edmonton region is facing serious labor shortages, and the call center "takes a lot of staffing pressure off our individual restaurant locations by taking phone orders off their plate," said Kelly McClung, BPI's business manager for the Northern Alberta office, who added, "Down the road, we plan to expand the capacity of this call center, and perhaps add more in other areas."

"SpeedLine ensures that the call center operator selects all the appropriate sides and options before sending the order to the store, so things donĀ¹t get missed," McClung said of the Windows XP-based SpeedLine software that will be used to support 22 Edmonton region restaurants. That enhanced efficiency, she noted, should improve throughput and "increase our business."