Red Mango to unveil new flavor, ‘Tangomonium’

Red Mango to unveil new flavor, ‘Tangomonium’

SHERMAN OAKS Calif. The Red Mango frozen yogurt chain, based here, on Saturday is scheduled to unveil its newest flavor, which is designed to be unique to the brand.

Called “Tangomonium,” the flavor is based on a “secret recipe” developed by president and chief executive Dan Kim, who describes it as “light and refreshing” with “notes of fruit and citrus.”

Kim said the flavor was designed to be available during spring and summer months. He noted, however, that the chain’s signature pomegranate flavor made with POM Wonderful juice was also designed as a limited-time flavor, but it was so popular, Red Mango made it permanent.

Participating stores within the 48-unit chain will be offering free small cups of Tangomonium with one topping between noon and 4 p.m. on Saturday.

“The goal was to create something that would be more than just a boring old flavor,” Kim said. “Tangomonium is bright, sunny, uplifting and tangy. It makes you smile and brings up blissful memories that take you to a happy place. It’s also all natural and healthy, a reflection of our commitment to offering treats that are both delicious and nutritious.”

Like Red Mango’s other flavors, which include the original, green tea and pomegranate, the new Tangomonium is also nonfat and gluten free, as well as a source of calcium and probiotic cultures.

The Red Mango chain operates in California, New York, Washington, Illinois, Hawaii, New Jersey, Nevada and Utah, and units are scheduled to open in Texas and Arizona later this year.

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