Ponderosa, Bonanza make buffet-optional menu shift

PLANO TEXAS Ponderosa [2] and Bonanza [2] steakhouse restaurants have added entrée platters that give customers the option of fixed-portion meals instead of grill selections accompanied by the chains’ all-you-can-eat buffets. —At least half of the 308

The new platters include either a steak, seafood or chicken entrée with a garden salad, hot vegetable, choice of potato and fresh-baked rolls. Currently featured at the steakhouse chains is a new half-pound USDA Choice sirloin for $7.99. —At least half of the 308

Guests now have the option of ordering all entrées with the buffet for “slightly more,” according to promotional materials. A TV and print advertising campaign for the new menu items is to run through June 25. More than 150 Ponderosa and Bonanza steakhouses are offering the entrée platter menu, the brands’ parent, Metromedia Restaurant Group [3], indicated. Plano-based Metromedia also is parent of the Bennigan’s [4] and Steak and Ale [5] brands. —At least half of the 308