Out of his coma, Jack’s back with a new logo

Out of his coma, Jack’s back with a new logo

SAN DIEGO Jack in the Box officials on Wednesday introduced a new company logo as part of an ongoing brand re-imaging plan, capping off a multi-week media campaign that began when the chain’s namesake icon Jack was hit by a bus on Super Bowl Sunday.

This week, Jack finally emerged from his coma — much to the dismay of fictional vice president Phil, who had planned to change the company’s name to “Phil in the Box” — and jumped back to work, outlining plans to re-energize the brand.

The new logo emphasizes the name “Jack” and downplays “in the Box,” which company officials said “reflects how the Jack in the Box brand has evolved in recent years.

“Many of our guests refer to us simply as ‘Jack,’ so emphasizing that through the new logo seemed like a natural progression,” said Terri Graham, Jack in the Box's senior vice president and chief marketing officer.

The new logo will be rolled out on packaging, uniforms and advertising over the next few months, and restaurant signage will change over the next three to five years.

Officials also re-emphasized previously announced plans to accelerate the pace of ongoing store remodels. About 42 percent of Jack in the Box’s more than 2,170 units — or 924 units, including new builds — have completed both the interior and exterior remodels. Officials expect the remaining exteriors to be redone by this fall and interior enhancements to be completed by the end of 2011.

Jack in the Box is also planning to launch a new interactive website, where guests can purchase Jack Ca$h cards and view nutrition information.

The “Hang in There, Jack” campaign, which began with the Super Bowl ad in which the clown-head icon was hit by a bus, was aimed at building Jack in the Box’s Web audience, as well as a social networking presence with Facebook and Twitter accounts updating guests on Jack’s health after the accident.

The website included humorous viral videos, downloadable coupons and comments from well-wishers across the country.

Officials reportedly said that some of the videos had been viewed more than 4 million times and Jack has 11,000 “friends” on Facebook.

“The enthusiasm and engagement among Jack in the Box fans has been tremendous,” said Graham. “With the campaign still ongoing, it’s too early to gauge its full impact, but we’re very excited about the response it’s received so far.”

Later this month, Jack in the Box is scheduled to roll out its previously announced new menu platform: Mini Sirloin Burgers. Other quick-service players offering mini burgers include Burger King and Hardee’s.

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