NRN Weekly Wrap: Top 10 stories

The announcement of NRN’s Hot Concepts! Award winners [2] was the week’s hottest story on Crave, FöD (Food on Demand), Mixt Greens, True Food Kitchen and Twisted Root Burger Company were recognized for their bold tactics, outstanding creativity and strong performances in a persistently sluggish economy. All five concepts will be honored in September at the MUFSO Conference [3] in Grapevine, Texas.

Second-quarter financial reports also continued to shed light on how sales, profit, commodities and menu pricing are trending. NRN looked at which chains have been able to maintain traffic while simultaneously increasing prices [4], and which chains haven’t found the right mix yet.

This week also saw some new executive placements — Cracker Barrel’s new chief executive Sandra Cochran [5] and Red Robin’s new chief marketing officer Denny Marie Post [6].

Healthful menu moves stayed in the headlines, as The Cheesecake Factory launched a new low-cal line [7] and Subway introduced bread fortified with calcium and vitamin D [8].

Check out NRN’s Weekly Wrap slideshow [9] for the top 10 stories from the week of August 1, including Marco’s Pizza’s new franchise financing tactics [10], Starbucks’ growth strategy [11] and Krystal’s potential sale [12].


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