NRN, Sullivan team up to offer online leadership course

Nation’s Restaurant News is partnering with Jim Sullivan and to bring to market a groundbreaking new e-learning program aimed at improving leadership skills and increasing profits in ever y foodservice operation.

Multi U–E Learning, a dynamic new multimedia e-learning resource designed to transform multiunit managers into revenue-generating multi-unit leaders, will be available beginning June 23 at the training section of the NRN website, [2].

“Multiunit managers are a critical rung on the leadership ladder of the foodservice industry, but for too long they have been overlooked and underserved training-wise in our industry,” said Sullivan, chief executive of . “Over three years of research and testing has gone into creating this dynamic new e-learning resource that will help companies grow their leaders, franchisees and managers in a shorter time with longer-lasting results.”

As the only online leadership training course developed exclusively for the foodservice industry, Multi U is a nine-module program that takes six hours to complete and is fortified with 180 days of online coaching and training after the course is taken. The program’s design allows users to learn and practice new leadership skills while being tutored for six additional months on how to execute and refine the best practices they’ve learned.

The multimedia course is based on the seven stages of building high-performing teams and is delivered in a fun, interactive format that is rich in content, simulation and guided practice. Multi U, which is powered by Discoverlink, uses a blended learning approach based on Web 2.0 competencies and combines video, audio, print, simulation, tracking and testing.

“Multi U is perfect for today’s multiunit manager’s busy lifestyle and leadership development skills,” said Tom Larranaga, publisher of Nation’s Restaurant News. “Managers can easily access Multi U at home, in the office or on the road. They learn at their own pace and time frame, using best practices culled from over 500 high-performing multiunit leaders. Progress is measured and trackable for their supervisors, making this a powerful learning tool with measurable return on investment for any foodservice segment leader or multiunit operator. There is nothing else like it available in foodservice, and it’s raising the bar for leadership grooming and development in our industry.”

Multi U teaches multiunit managers and franchisees how to improve revenue and build better teams across variable geographic areas and marketplaces via a sequential series of seven leadership competencies and best practices. The course is easily accessed with a credit card, highly interactive and self-paced, picking up where users leave off.

“The unique challenges of the 2008 food-service industry requires a 2008 reality-based approach to leadership training and development,” Sullivan said. “The Multi U e-learning course is both customized to our business and the learner, allowing them to apply the concepts immediately as they see, read, hear, watch and practice. Multi U clearly bridges the gap between ‘knowing’ and doing.”

For more information, or to take a free leadership assessment and view a video demo of Multi U, visit .