More spices recalled amid salmonella worries

SACRAMENTO Calif. Three spice products distributed to restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area by CJ United Corp. under the “Natural and Delicious” label are being recalled because of possible contamination by salmonella, California Dept. of Public Health officials said Thursday.

The voluntary recall by Oakland, Calif.-based CJ United stems from the ongoing call back of dry seasonings, oils and pastes with Lian How and Uncle Chen labels by Union International Food Co. UIFC, of Union City, Calif., supplied CJ United with the white pepper, black pepper and curry powder in five-pound plastic jugs now being recalled, according to Dept. of Public Health sources in Sacramento.

Union International Food Co. began its recall of Lian How and Uncle Chen products late last month after Salmonella Rissen was found in a UIFC product in a restaurant at which several stricken people had eaten. Health department sources said that as of April 21 at least 60 people in four western states, including 45 in California, had been sickened by the same strain of salmonella.

For a Department of Public Health statement about the CJ United recall, click here [3].

The list of recalled Lian How and Uncle Chen products [4] can be found at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website.


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