Mimi’s highlights technique in new menu

TUSTIN Calif. The 130-unit Mimi’s Cafe chain has rewritten its menu to highlight the preparation techniques used for various items, including several that are cooked in a manner promoted as healthful.

The rollout of the new menu coincides with the addition of seven seasonal dishes, including three that are made with fresh asparagus.

The redesigned bill of fare uses such terms as “from scratch” to suggest that considerable craftsmanship goes into the three-meal chain’s selections. For instance, it notes that the zucchini and chicken selections are hand-breaded, and that the soups, salads, baked goods and desserts are made on the premises.

The copy also notes that the kitchens use only cholesterol-free oil, and have switched to oils that have zero grams of trans fat.

“Staying true to the Mimi’s Cafe look, feel and flavors, our new menu calls out the special culinary preparation steps our chefs take to provide the freshest and highest quality dining experience possible for our guests,” said president Tim Pulido.

In addition to a Fresh Asparagus Omelette and a Fresh Asparagus & Potato Cake Benedict, both priced at $8.29, the new summertime selections include a Griddled Pork Pot Stickers appetizer, $7.99; Citrus Boiled Shrimp & Fresh Asparagus, $9.99; Pesto Chicken Patty Melt, $9.49; Orange Roughy or Mahi Mahi, $14.99; Mediterranean Chicken Fettuccine, $12.99; and Seafood Fettuccine, $14.99. The regional operator also has added a mini-dessert sampler.

The small portions of bread pudding, apple-cinnamon crisp and chocolate brownie a la mode are sold as a trio for $5.99.

The family-dining chain, a holding of Bob Evans Farms Inc., operates in 22 states.