Hearing-impaired patron said to be suing McD

LINCOLN Neb. A hearing-impaired woman has sued McDonald’s Corp. for allegedly refusing to let her bypass the speaker while placing orders at the drive-thru of a hometown store, according to media reports.

Karen Tumeh of Lincoln told the media that the restaurant insisted on three separate instances that she either use the drive-thru’s intercom system or come inside and place the order. Tumeh reportedly cannot hear staffers via the speaker, even though she wears a hearing aid.

Tumeh is suing the restaurant’s operator under the Americans with Disabilities Act for damages and the reimbursement of legal fees. According to media coverage, she is also seeking a requirement that McDonald’s accommodate the hearing-impaired at its drive-thrus.

McDonald’s USA, the domestic component of the quick-service company, issued a statement saying, “McDonald’s USA complies with all applicable laws, including the Americans [with] Disabilities Act. McDonald’s USA takes pride in making our restaurants accessible to all customers, including those with disabilities.”

It declined further comment. “Because this is a pending legal matter, it would be inappropriate,” the statement read.