Foreign object prompts Cracker Barrel to pull burgers

LEBANON Tenn. The Cracker Barrel family restaurant chain has yanked a batch of burger patties from 313 restaurants after a woman was cut by a sharp object in the sandwich served to her Saturday at a unit in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

"We don't know what the object is - that's still being investigated," said a spokeswoman for the 557-unit chain. "Tests are being done, but it was definitely a sharp object."

The customer, 56-year-old Irene Grann, went to the hospital after biting into the burger. She cut her mouth and said she felt as if something was stuck in her throat. The restaurant's manager visited her at the hospital.

"We immediately identified the product code and stopped serving the product that had that code," said Cracker Barrel's spokeswoman. "We're substituting new product, and things should be getting back to normal in the next couple of days." She said the impact on sales was "not material."

Cracker Barrel is a holding of CBRL Group Inc., based here.