Firehouse Subs rolls out Cherry Lime-Aid systemwide

JACKSONVILLE Fla. Firehouse Subs said it has rolled out Cherry Lime-Aid, a popular drink in its Jacksonville-area stores, to the entire 374-unit system.

Cherry Lime-Aid has been offered in Firehouse Subs’ flagship locations in Jacksonville since the first restaurant opened and remains a top-selling beverage in that market, the company said.

Robin Sorensen, who co-founded Firehouse Subs with brother Chris, said, “When my brother and I opened the first Firehouse Subs in 1994, we made the decision to include the drink on the menu, as it is a natural thirst quencher for our hearty subs."

The company said it was seeing increased popularity of non-carbonated beverages, a niche filled by the mixture of fresh squeezed lime, blended cherries, simple syrup and ice.

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