The Colonel's daring delivery

KFC turns marketing extreme to highlight $5 Everyday Meals

KFC took marketing to new heights this week when the Colonel himself (a stunt double, of course) rappelled 38 stories to deliver lunch to a group of window washers working nearly 40 stories up at Chicago’s River Bend building.

The stunt was a promotion to launch the chain’s new $5 Everyday Meals, which offer combinations of chicken, sides, biscuits, and a drink for $5. Wanting to make an impact with the new deal, KFC asked consumers via social media channels which “out-of the-bucket” occupations were most in need of an extreme hand delivered meal. In the end, skyscraper window washers was the leading response.

Click here to watch the video. [2]

The delivery went off without a hitch and KFC shared the photos with Nation's Restaurant News.








(Photos courtesy of Weber Shandwick)

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