Chili’s offers Drew Carey chance to be 'boss that everybody liked'

DALLAS Chili’s Grill & Bar, after taking a barb from Drew Carey, has offered to make the comedian and “Price Is Right” game-show host an honorary manager for a day.

Todd Diener, president of the casual-dining chain, issued a formal invitation Friday to Carey after he was quoted last week in a Washington Post article that asked celebrities, “What would you be doing if acting hadn't panned out?” Carey quipped, “Probably managing a restaurant. ... I'd be at a Chili's near you. I'd be the boss that everybody liked.”

Diener sent the following letter to Carey, inviting him to be an honorary Chili's manager for a day with proceeds donated to a charity designated by Carey:

Dear Drew,

Irecently read your quote in the Washington Post in response to the question "What would you be doing if acting hadn't panned out?" You mentioned that you would probably start out waiting tables and then, "They would have made me an assistant manager and I'd work my way up...I'd be at a Chili's near you."

Iknow that in addition to your foodservice industry experience, you possess an enthusiastic, outgoing, hardworking and energetic personality. Our managers are passionate about putting fun into everyday life and it sounds like you are, too! I'd like to invite you to fulfill your long-held desire by managing one of our Chili's Grill & Bar restaurants for a few hours.

To thank you for your time, we would gladly make a donation to a charity of your choice – perhaps the Cleveland Public Library? And as a bonus, I've enclosed a $100 gift card so you can get a first-hand taste of Chili's familiar favorites with a twist (I personally recommend the Buffalo Chicken Crisper Bites).

Los Angeles is one of our most popular markets, and we would love to host you at any of our 53 locations in the area.


So thanks for mentioning us, and I hope you seriously consider this offer to bring your fun-loving personality to the Chili's family. I'm confident our team members will help fulfill your dream to be "the boss that everybody liked."


Todd Diener

Chili’s, a more than 1,400-unit division of Dallas-based Brinker International Inc., has yet to hear from Carey.