Burger King tests new customizable website

MIAMI Burger King is testing a new website that lets Internet users have it their way by allowing them to tone down the king and enhance the food.

Slider controls at the top of the web page, which is in beta test by the company’s advertising agency, allow more or less of "fun," "food" or "king” and let viewers customize how much information, versus entertainment, they want.


While not available yet to the public, author Rick Mathieson’s GenWow website has a glimpse at the new webpage, which is being created by Burger King’s agency, Crispin, Porter + Bogusky.

The link is:

http://mathieson.typepad.com/genwow/2009/07/in-beta-customizable-burger-king-site-lets-you-have-it-your-way.html [3]

“The site comes from Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, which has made a name for itself – and Burger King – through quirky digital initiatives that have demonstrably boosted sales, in some cases, 10 percent or more,” writes Mathison, the author of “The On-Demand Brand.”

Miami-based Burger King has more than 11,000 units internationally.

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