BK unleashes Angry Whopper

BK unleashes Angry Whopper

MIAMI Burger King debuted Monday a spicy version of its signature sandwich with the introduction of the Angry Whopper, and promotions include giving customers a chance to e-mail an “Angry-Gram” to the people who annoy them.

The limited-time Angry Whopper is a flame-broiled burger patty topped with onions, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise and “Angry sauce” on a sesame seed bun.

“The Angry Whopper puts a hot and spicy new twist on the original Whopper sandwich taste," said John Schaufelberger, senior vice president for global product marketing and innovation at Burger King. "It promises to aggressively ignite the taste buds of our guests.”

To support the sandwich, Burger King introduced www.angry-gram.com [2], a humorous website that allows visitors to send Angry-Gram e-mails to those who may be wearing down their last nerve. The website’s animated Whopper, which talks in a down-putting Australian accent, rebukes the recipient with a message tailored by the sender.

The Angry Whopper is being promoted with television ads by Crispin Porter + Bogusky of Miami. View one here [3].

The Angry Whopper will be available through March 30 for a franchisor-suggested price of $3.69. Doubles are available for $4.49, and triples are priced at $5.19.

Burger King, operated and franchised by Burger King Holdings Inc., in Miami, has more than 11,600 restaurants worldwide.